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Harbin Power Station Valve Co., Ltd. of Harbin Electric Power Group (hereinafter referred to as "valve company") is the vice chairman unit of valve branch of China General Machinery Industry Association. It was founded in 1954 by the State & lt; the first five & gt; During this period, one of the 156 key construction projects aided by the former Soviet Union has evolved and gone through four historical stages: the second workshop of Harbin boiler plant, valve branch plant, valve development division of power station, and Harbin Boiler Valve Co., Ltd. in January 2008, it was officially renamed Harbin power station valve Co., Ltd. of Harbin Electric Group, and now it is one of the important subsidiaries of Harbin Electric Group One.

Valve company is specialized in designing and manufacturing matching valves, water level measuring devices, temperature and pressure reducing devices and other products in thermal power, nuclear power, solar thermal, petrochemical, military and other fields. The main products include more than 40 series of full volume safety valve, molten salt safety valve, gate valve, stop valve, check valve, water pressure test block valve, new control valve, etc., with more than 3000 varieties. The products are sold to power plants and supporting enterprises all over the country, and exported to Japan, India, Vietnam, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan and many other countries. The comprehensive ranking of Valve Companies in the industry is among the top ten thousand valve plants in China, especially in the field of high temperature and high pressure thermal power valves.

Valve company covers an area of 75000 square meters, divided into new and old plant, are equipped with advanced machining, testing, inspection equipment, the average annual capacity of 2400 tons.

Guided by scientific and technological innovation, the valve company has successively undertaken and completed a number of scientific research tasks, such as the localization of supporting valves for 600MW supercritical thermal power units, the development and industrialization of 1000MW supercritical thermal power major equipment, etc. In recent years, as one of the important research units of the national key ultra supercritical valve localization work, it undertakes the most research and development tasks of class II and class III valves. 25 varieties have passed the technical appraisal or product appraisal organized by the national energy administration. The market share of the localization promotion and application project is nearly 70%, which is the highest in the industry. In addition, the key products of the valve company, full volume safety valve, won the second prize of science and technology progress award of the Ministry of machinery industry; electromagnetic relief device and other products won the national new product award; the supporting series products of ultra supercritical thermal power units won the special prize of science and technology of China Machinery Industry and a number of national patents.

In recent years, the valve company has actively engaged in the research and development of photothermal molten salt valve, successfully developed a series of products such as molten salt safety valve, regulating valve, gate valve and stop valve, and applied them to the molten salt unit of central control Delingha project on a large scale, successfully replacing imports, breaking the technical monopoly of foreign manufacturers in the field of photothermal high-end valves, in which the molten salt safety valve product won the ninth prize in 2018 Gold Award of China (Shanghai) International Fluid Machinery Exhibition and valve Expo.

Valve company has a sound management system, excellent product quality, first-class service level, and enjoys a high reputation among customers at home and abroad. It has many qualifications, such as quality system certification of weapons and equipment, ISO9001 quality management system certification, design and manufacturing license of civil nuclear safety equipment, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, PCCC product certification, special equipment manufacturing license, API certification, safety valve inspection agency approval certificate, etc., and has formed a self-employed enterprise Product research and development, processing and manufacturing to after-sales service of a complete set of perfect quality assurance system.

Looking to the future, the valve company will be in line with the quality policy of "safe and reliable products, standardized and efficient management, continuous innovation and improvement, and enhancing customer satisfaction". We will work hard to overcome difficulties, and wholeheartedly provide safe, reliable, advanced first-class products and high-quality services for users at home and abroad.

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